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X-Wing Pilot Dress

My inspiration for this dress is the X-Wing Pilot's orange body suit and white vest. I wanted to create something that I can wear anytime comfortably while giving a nod to the Rebel Pilots.

I decided to go with Butterick B6033

I picked this particular pattern in hopes of the top part to look like the white vest, and the rest to be similar to the jumpsuit .

The Fabric I choose was a white and orange jersey knit fabric.

Sewing the orange part of the body was super simple. I just had to sew the princess seams correctly .

Making this dress I learned what a yoke consists of:

....A yoke is a shaped pattern piece which forms part of a garment, usually fitting around the neck and shoulders, or around the hips to provide support for looser parts of the garment, such as a gathered skirt or the body of a shirt....

I had never made one before so I carefully read the instructions a few times and figured out that the two front yokes ( as for the back yokes) were suppose to be sewn together and then turned inside outwards. Which makes the seams look more clean and put together.

The yoke is a strong double layer. I'm thankful for this because it makes the white ( which I was afraid of being see-through) non-transparent.

Once I sewed up the little hole for the front yoke to be turned inside outwards. I had to attach it to the dress. When attaching, I had to turn it down right sides facing each other and sew it correctly along the cut line.

I think it attached amazingly to the front of the dress.

Then I had to attach the back Yokes pieces to the back of the dress , after installing the zipper.

After installing the Yoke to the back. I sewed the two sides together, then attached the yoke's shoulders together. Once that was complete I made sure there wasn't anything missing.

I decided not to attach sleeves , because I felt that it looked great this way.

My discoveries about this dress style

Honestly the white top part looked great , the orange bottom is what became the problem. It was too shear and if I ever make this type of X-Wing Dress again, I will use a orange cotton.

The orange material I used, was to bunchy at the seams. I ironed them the best I could. Overall however, I love this dress and will wear it to Star Wars Celebration if I get the chance.

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