• Jennifer Rasnake

Will O' The Wisp Dapper Day Dress

You know, Some Say That Will O' The Wisps Can Lead You To Your Fate.🏹

Will O' The Wisp Disneybound from Brave.

Beginning Stages...

When starting out designing the Wisp dress, I did a lot of research of the colors used and how they moved and flowed.


I wanted the back and shoulders to have more of a fantasy feel to them, that's where the royal blue flowers come in. I figured Chiffon would be a perfect fabric to get the ethereal weightless flow that they have.


I knew from the very beginning I wanted to light this dress up. That's one thing that always stuck out to me about the wisps is that they glowed and lead Merida to her destiny.

End Result...

The night pictures were taken in Avatar land in Animal Kingdom. Everything there lights up as well!

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