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Wearing My Childhood

Just like the Return of the Jedi Dress, these dresses are also from vintage bed sheets. I took the pattern from Vogue V9202 and made both sleeveless.

One huge comment I have about these dresses..... THE TWIRL GAME IS STRONG WITH THESE. They had the perfect amount of swoosh that I like in my dresses.

The Ariel dress that I made, I used the Yaya Han Mermaid Oil fabric that is 95% Polyester 5%Spandex. It was extremely easy to work with , until I had to hem the bottom, that was a tad tougher.

After having done the Return of the Jedi Dress and The Jasmine Dress, it was a breeze to get this dress together.

I'd say it took me 10 hours per dress.

Overall my goal was to take a fabric from my childhood and make it into something I could wear to a convention or just around town. This is eco-friendly as well, so there's a huge plus in my book!

One of my favorite sayings I made from working on these: "I'm wearing my childhood!"

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