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Waterbending Cosplay: Based On Katara From Avatar The Last Airbender

Updated: May 21

Waterbender Cosplay inspired by Katara

Research & Inspiration

I wanted to find a costume that when I teach sewing/cosplay at conventions, was comfortable and easy to transport. Katara in Avatar the Last Airbender, learns and teaches the group in a lot of ways, and I felt like this was a great teaching cosplay!

Kimono Fabric & Trim Choice

There are a lot of different fabric colors and options for Katara's water bending kimono, I decided to go with 6 yards of light blue Crepe Scuba Knit & 2 yards of white Cotton Broadcloth. I purchased the fur trim from Joanne's 2 yards.

Kimono Pattern Drafting

Daniel took brown drawing paper and held it up and drew the pattern for the kimono. He also drafted the patterns for the sleeves. It worked perfectly.

Kimono Construction

Basically what I ended up doing was sewing the back to the two sides. Added the sleeves. I took Bias tape and went around the neck and sides of the garment so the trim was white. We also added velcro to the top that overlaps, so it stays in place. The belt we measured to my waist and added velcro in two different places so it stayed in place.

The white fur trim I added all around the bottom of the kimono.

Final Thoughts

That was it! I'd say overall it took about 5 hours max? Personally, I'd like to make a few more of these easy to construct Kimonos to wear around conventions. They're very light and flow very nicely.

Completed Cosplay

Katara Inspired Cosplay

Photos by Chayla Photography

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