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Water Sprite Dress

I've been doing a lot of Star Wars inspired outfits recently, and decided to mix it up with a Mermaid/Water Sprite creation.

I've had this pattern for a while now M7315 , and I love how it drapes for the skirt part. It's gorgeous!

I've had this sea-foam shimmery fabric for a little while, and I knew I wanted to make a dress out of it.

I feel like this is a great fit because it's got the drape that is ideal for this type of creation in my opinion.

I cut out the pattern and sewed up the skirt and the top with sleeves together pretty quickly , I'd say all in all it took me about 2 hours.

The tricky part to me , is how to attach the entire dress. I needed to see a back view to get an idea.

To attach the skirt and top you have to fold the top down inside outwards and attach the bottom to the top of the skirt.

Once attached, the fabric wasn't strong enough to hold the zipper in, luckily it could slide over my head , so i just sewed the back pieces together.

Honestly, this fabric was a nightmare. It slid all over the place and if I make this again, i'll choose a different material. The only great thing about it was the drape of the skirt. it looked beautiful there.

The end result. The skirt drapes beautifully in my opinion. In the future i'd like to make a seashell belt to go around this, to give it a little unique twist.

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