• Jennifer Rasnake

Velveteen Cosplay Coat: Dark Light Within Without

Updated: Feb 2

I've been throwing this idea around in my head for a little while now and I've decided to make it a reality.

This coat is one of my favorites of Yaya Han's patterns. It has the main color along with the accent colors that go in between the coat's pleats.

I'm making the coat dark velveteen & the pleats will be a Celosia Velvet.

What's the difference between fabrics you ask? For those wondering, I have the answer.

  • Celosia Velvet is a heavyweight, 100% polyester fabric with a short pile and elegant shimmer. Celosia Velvet is certain to add bespoke luxury to the piece.

  • Velveteen is a type of cloth made to imitate velvet. Normally cotton, the term is sometimes applied to a mixture of silk and cotton

Dark Light Within Without created by my dear friend Cesar over at Four Eyes Design. If you're interested email him at csantiago@foureyesdesign.org

I knew I wanted to use this for the slates in the coat. It would be perfect!!

Basically with this coat, you have to construct the dress and panels top layer, then attach the mandarin collar. I used thick interfacing to make it stand up straight.

Afterward, you have to reconstruct the entire lining the same way as the top layer of the coat. I loved the dark purple satin for the lining, it really topped it off.

Attaching the lining wasn't difficult as I thought, I had to turn both sides to the wrong sides and sew up both end sides and then across where the collar is ( while tucking that in so It doesn't look wonky)

The next part was the sleeves, I used a different sleeve pattern, just in case anyone was wondering why it didn't look like the picture above.

I was extremely happy with how it turned out!

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