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Timeline & Heritage Festival 2019

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

This past weekend at the Timeline & Heritage event, in the blacksmith shop, I was able to learn so much! I also was able to display my Medieval and Renaissance dresses right beside the blacksmith shop, which was great because I could talk about my sewing and then hop over and talk about blacksmithing.

Lorelei, Dawson, and Ashley came to visit me at the festival!

The First Day

The first day I was able to get use to the tapering metal technique, which means I was able to put a point on the end where it once was square.

Also the blacksmith that use to work at Dollywood, taught me how to wield metal together. I did it my first try, it was however, a little wonky due to holding tongs. I'll keep practicing that.

Official Project:

Greg coached me while I created him. I think he's adorable and whimsical.

The Wizard, Edgar.

The Second Day

The second day, I attended a old timey father's day church service under the trees with people dressed up in different era clothing. That was really special. I was able to teach a little girl how to make a tiny mouse sword, and she did a WONDERFUL job. I'm so proud of her for giving it a try!! This was also the first time I was able to show something like this on my own. Woot Woot!!

My dad was able to make his first Horseshoe knife, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

I was able to make a Basket Weave, which reminds me of the end of Gandolf or Malificent's staff, two Nordic/Viking hair Pins, a Wand, and a tiny mouse sword. I was also able to start on a rose, but I will have to finish it next time.

I really appreciate all the help that Greg, Bobby, and Robin helped me with this past weekend.

I had a blast these past two days, now time for a much needed rest!

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