• Jennifer

The GPS You Didn't Know You Needed.

This app is a huge lifesaver when traveling. It will tell you if there's a cop near by & if he is hidden or in plain sight. It will tell you if there is a hazard on the road as well as what type of hazard. It will even tell you if there has been an animal sighting nearby. It will reroute you if there has been a major wreck. It ALSO has a lot of voice features to alert you.

What makes this GPS so awesome? It's the people! Passengers report what they see on the road and that in turn helps out other drivers.

This app will also let you calculate your trip from point A to point B-stops for food and fuel!

I've just got to say if you haven't checked this out, you must! I absolutely love it and i'm going to use it from now on when traveling.

Where can I find this GPS?

Go to your app store and look for the little blue guy below, download that and you will have to register ( it's free) but after that you're good to go!

This is not an advertisement, I just want you Rogue's to travel safely!

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