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Surviving the Host Hotel Hunger Games: Dragon Con Edition

Making sure you get a hotel that you like at dragon con can be a huge worry for a lot of con goers. When the main host hotel you want has a hunger games , it can be super stressful! Especially when 10,000 people are trying for a block of 1,000 rooms. Below is some very helpful advice I have found.

Some of the perks for having a host hotel are : You get to leave your car in the parking garage until you leave so you don't have to worry about getting a Uber or Lyft. A lot of the panels are in the host hotels, so you can just get up and head downstairs. You may see some of your favorite celebrities at your hotel. If you get tired , you can just go up to your room. It's very easy to change your cosplay costumes when you have a host hotel.

Me personally , being at the Marriott , whenever I wanted to people watch and see cosplayers I could go downstairs at any time and there would be hundreds of cosplayers.

Hotel Booking Advice

It's time for our regularly scheduled reminder to check the expiration dates on your credit cards. If your card will expire before the next years dragon con in September, you may want to call your bank and get a new card. Sometimes the hotels don't charge deposits when they say they will, and none of them will call you if your card is declined. They'll cancel the reservation and move on.

Sheraton : it's the full cost up front, not just one night. Also, the Sheraton occasionally double charges. Check your statements and call if that happens. They're very good at fixing it immediately.

The Westin is known for charging deposits a little randomly. You can be charged right at booking, or three months later. Keep an eye on your credit card statement for that to appear soon, if you booked . Also make sure it only appears once. They're not known for double-charging, but hotels are people too and mistakes happen.

Legacy folks at the Hyatt- remember that the deposit is scheduled to be charged and the end of September. Update your reservations and cards now, if needed. It's super easy to do using the link in your confirmation email. Any rooms that are cancelled due to invalid cards will be released to the general public. Don't lose your legacy spot.

The Hilton also has Legacy !

Marriott Marquis is always in October. The is a minimum 4 night stay required. Provide a name for each person occupying the room. You want to do this so that everyone can get their own keys. Otherwise, you have to show up each time someone checks in or loses their key. It's also very useful when there's a dispute between roommates. The hotel needs to know who to kick out. A two night non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time of booking. All cancellations will forfeit the deposit of two nights’ room and tax. The remaining balance will be due by March. No name changes are allowed once reservation is booked. The Marriott is pretty strict on this, up until check in. They're usually able to change names at check in. Method of payment to guarantee reservation must match name on reservation. If you're booking with a friend's card, list them as the primary roommate. All reservations must have a valid credit card and expiration date. A valid email address is required at time of booking. All reservations with declined credit cards will be cancelled WITHOUT NOTICE. If the credit card declines the final payment in March , the reservation will be cancelled and the two (2) nights’ non-refundable advance deposit will be forfeited.

My experience this year , me and two others in our group were on the host hotel website , with our information plugged in at 8:45am -8:50am . At 8:58am -8:59am we were able to click-through and grab our rooms. At 9:01 am the block of 1,000 rooms were sold out. It's a HUGE ADRENALINE RUSH, that's for sure.

For the newbies it's crazy. Servers will crash, rooms will be lost, frustration will ensue. Fear not , I've seen people at 10 am be able to snag a room.

Remember there are always transfers available later in the year, more rooms open at the other hosts, due to cancellations, credit cards not going through, or people looking for roommates, not to mention all the overflow hotels.

If you want to stay up to date about host hotel information follow this page on Facebook. Link Below .

Dragon con Host Hotel Connection

Good Luck !

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