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Sud Wars By Rogue Universe: Now Open

Well I did it! I opened my first Etsy shop to showcase and sell my fandom inspired handmade soaps.

Check it out!

So far what I've got listed is:

Xenobar ( Alien Blood) - Green Apple with clear base

Hoth Bar- vanilla Bean Noel with Shea butter

Bantha Milk- vanilla with goat milk

Moroccan Mint- African black soap, Shea butter, and oatmeal

Fruit loops- Fruit Loops and goat milk

Butter beer- Butter Beer and goat milk

Fruity Pebbles- Fruity Pebbles and clear base

American Psycho ( blood bar) - Blood Orange and clear base

Luke's Diner- Coffee with goat milk

African Black Soap- African black Soap

Ombre Mermaid- Vanilla Bean Noel

Indiana Bar- Tobacco with Bay Leaf and Oatmeal

Earl Grey- made with real earl grey and coconut milk

Green Fairy- Absinthe

green Mint Tea- green tea and peppermint leaves

London Fog- Earl Grey and Vanilla

Paopu fruit- starfruit and mango

Pineapple and Mint

English Bathhouse

Freak show- Cotton Candy

Pina Colda- Coconut and pineapple

More will be added to the list as soon as I make them.

If anyone has any personal orders they'd like to make let me know! I'd be happy to help. As well as taking a certain smell and mixing it with a different color, i'm all for it. Feel free to send me a message here on my website or on the etsy store.

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