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Star Wars Loth-Cat & Tooka Plush

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Tooka- Description & History:

A small, feline creature found throughout the galaxy, tookas are simultaneously adored as fuzzy pets and reviled as feral nuisances on many planets. Properly trained, they can be affectionate as well as effective pest-hunters, which has led to their proliferation across worlds as freighter captains and other spacers use tookas to rid their starship holds of vermin. Tookas are so commonplace that they are often represented as stuffed toys -- like tooka dolls.

Loth-Cat Description & History:

Loth-cats were members of the tooka family and native to Lothal, often found in the grassy plains of the Outer Rim planet. They are small, temperamental creatures, and while at times friendly, were still able hunters with sharp teeth and claws.

They are basically space cats!

Recently I've been catching up on Clone Wars and Rebels , and have come across these little guys. Every time I see one in an episode they make my smile. I've noticed little dolls that children in the episodes play with , and they are Loth-Cats & Tooka's.

I've been doing some research about how to make one of these Loth-Cat/Tooka Plushy and it seems pretty simple. One blog I found had made one by using the Star Wars Craft Book.

You can make them any sort of color!


The Completed Handmade Tooka Cat Plush.

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