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Star Wars Galaxies

A little insight : The game events were originally set following the destruction of the Death Star in Episode IV: A New Hope, but before the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back.

The game launched with 10 planets: Tatooine, Naboo, Corellia Talus, Rori , Dantooine, Lok, Yavin IV, the forest moon of Endor , and Dathomir In the second expansion, Rage of the Wookiees, the Wookiee home planet Kashyyyk was added. In the third expansion, Trials of Obi-Wan, the planet Mustafar was added.

In addition to the 12 planets, there are 12 space zones, each encompassing approximately 3400 cubic kilometers (15 km cubes) of fully navigable space. Nine of them are associated with one or more of the playable planets: Tattoo (Tatooine), Naboo (Naboo and Rori), Corellia (Corellia and Talus), Dantooine, Karthakk (Lok), Yavin, Endor, Dathomir, and Kashyyyk. (Mustafar has no associated space zone.) Kessel and Deep Space have no planets and are used for high-level gameplay and player-versus-player combat. The Ord Mantell sector was released in January 2008 as a new space-only zone, though there is a space station there (called Nova Orion) where pilots can land and acquire quests.

Let me first say I played after they did the 2nd expansion for Star wars Galaxies. I missed where you had to play for months before you were even able to become a Jedi. The expansion made it where you can play a Jedi right out the gate.

I played this for three years straight. It was an amazing MMO.Some instances were the Tuskan King, IG-88, Axkva Min, Exar Kun, Death Troopers, Death Watch Bunker, Hoth , and a few others. Raids involving base busting the opponents base, this was always a huge server get together and the rebels against the empire on Rori. At one point I had my own guild and city. You could do legacy quests, become an ace pilot , really anything you wanted.

The game had different classes: Medic, Jedi, Spy, Commando, Trader, Entertainer, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler , and Officer.

I had a Medic, Jedi, Tailor , Entertainer, and Bounty Hunter. Honestly, The top two professions I liked to play were Medic & Tailor. When fighting I had mastered my skills to where if 8 players went into an instance hardly any one died, if they did we still beat the instance. My Tailor had her own shop where I would make cosplay costumes and sell them in packs. I sold a lot of my costumes on my vendors.

They also had in game holidays as Remembrance Day and Empire Day, Life Day, Galactic Moon Festival, and much more.

Towards the end of this games life they had added the instance for Hoth and Death Troopers. Death Troopers in my opinion was the funniest because you had to kill zombies and an undead Rancor. The drop was a ghostly colored saber crystal. They

also added back that you can become a beast handler. So you were able to create a Wampa or a Rancor as a pet and they would help you fight.​

The Game Ended in 2011, sadly, but don't fret!! They have a test server still up , if you load up the Star Wars EMU . I've been playing it a little bit here and there. It's the original game. I've made a Tailor and set up my shop already. There are also other people trying to fix up the newer version of Star Wars Galaxies.

I still keep in contact with some of the friends I made on the game. It was wonderful.


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