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Star Wars Celebration ( Part 4)

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Day 4

Sunday was the day! I would meet Ashley Eckstein.

I was super super nervous to meet her , but if I had enough time between the picture and the next person I wanted to tell her that she had a huge impact in my decision to go for my dreams and make my own cosplay/star wars themed fashion.

Once I was in line, I had to tell her fast. My mind kind of went jumbled, and I think I gave her a side hug. The only thing I was able to get out was you inspired me, I'm a seamstress, I made this. She seemed really happy and excited to meet a fan.


I had to turn and get ready for the picture in less than a second.After the picture she turned to me and told me that it looked beautiful and she said don't stop and keep going!


I yelled thank you as I was rushed to the next line to get the picture.


After that HUGE highlight, I wondered around the con until closing ceremony of Star Wars Celebration. Usually on the last day of conventions they close an hour early.

Stinky and Salacious Crumb , they were handmade. I talked to the designer and he said that once he got off the plane he had to superglue them back together, because they ended up in 30 different pieces, sadly.

Chopper was swirling around , and I had to get a picture with him! I also found Ezra, Zeb, and Doctor Aphra. If your not familiar with Doctor Aphra, She's a character that first shows up the the Darth Vader comics. She now has her own comic series.

In the behind the scenes auditorium , we watched Warwick give us his closing statements and recap of the past four days. Below he showed a "arm-stretch droid" that they had people build from tape, electric cords, and other things laying around.

My favorite part about the closing ceremony was getting to watch The Last Jedi on the big screen and this video.

During the Video I even cried when it talked about the that this is why George Lucas created Star Wars.... Was for the children.

The end to a perfect four day Star Wars Celebration.

I loved the lightsaber cosplay someone did . They dressed up as a life size lightsaber. At the end of SWC they passed out on the floor in costume haha.

A few of my favorite memes that were floating around during Star Wars Celebration

There will not be a Celebration in 2018.

They haven't released where Star Wars Celebration would be in 2019, BUT THERE WILL BE ONE!

If you would like to watch all the panels for Star Wars celebration 2017 click the link below.

Star Wars Celebration

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