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Star Wars Celebration (Part 2)

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Day 2

This was the day that they released the trailer for The Last Jedi.

They had surprise guest Rian Johnson, Daisy Ridley , John Boyega, Josh Gad, and Kelly Marie Tran.

The Last Jedi trailer

I was standing in line for the show store, and there was a huge wave of cheers , and we knew that it was time for the trailer.

I couldn't see it from the line, but I did hear it. People all around me in line were scrounging trying to get a signal to watch the trailer.

Afterwards attendee's of the panel were given The Last Jedi poster , as seen below.

I waited in line for the show store ... for 2 1/2 hours which sucked, but I did meet some really cool people in line.

There was a guy behind me that had camped out for the past two days with just a backpack full of shirts to sleep on as a pillow.

Then the awaited moment arrived!


They had rows of Star Wars Celebration Exclusive shirts, plush's, and so much more!

While looking around the show store, I found this little fun corner of Cupcakes from Jillycakes!

They had all sorts of flavors for each day of the con from across the galaxy.

Cantina Classics:

Thursday- Oreo Explosion Death Star

Friday- S'mores Trooper

Saturday- Loth Cat

Sunday- Nutty Jawa

Sail Barge Sweets:

Thursday- Signature Salacious Crumb

Friday- Darth by Chocolate

Saturday- Rebellious Raspberry Doughnut

Sunday- BB-Ate

Right beside the cupcake area, the booth

for Her Universe!

I had looked all over the convention to find the her universe booth. So, I was pretty happy to find it.

Here's some of the bounty I picked up at the show store.

While venturing around the con I ran into some amazing cosplay.

(There will be a post just about some of the cos-players I met and how much time and effort they put into there costumes.)

All of a sudden out of no where I saw hundreds of people dressed in orange jump suits with fake mustaches and ice cream makers running in a huge crowd. It definitely made me grin real big.

Running with the Hoods.

An official backstory was developed for Willrow Hood, and he became a secret hero of the Rebellion. During the Imperial takeover of Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back, Hood was responsible for protecting Rebel Alliance contacts and to insure the safety of the information, he removed the main computer’s memory core and dumped it into a disposal unit (the ice cream maker) thus creating the infamous shot of him running through Cloud City with the ice cream maker cradled in his arms.

In honor of Willrow Hood’s selfless actions, dozens of fans dress up as the iconic Rebel hero and participate in a Running of the Hoods. Essentially the most amazing version of a Star Wars flash mob there ever was, the Hoods show up unannounced and run through various areas of the convention. As if things couldn’t get any better, the costumed character gang then hosts an ice cream social.

Mark Hamill did a tribute to Carrie Fisher. It had people laughing, crying, and cheering. He spoke so highly of Carrie, and told some wonderful stories about his experiences with her.

I also bumped into the real life Peter Griffin as the con was closing for the day. He wasn't in character and was actually surprised I recognized him, but was happy to take a picture with me!

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