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Star Wars Celebration (Part 1)

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Star Wars Celebration was one of the most magical experiences I've ever had! I was in Star Wars heaven for four straight days. I've loved Star Wars every since I was four years old, so seeing almost all the characters I grew up with was a emotional and inspirational experience for me.

Day One

The line was super long to get into. It went on for at least two miles.

It even made the news in Florida! News Article here.

The first day consisted of the 40th anniversary where fans camped out for over 24 hours. They were not disappointed! Surprise Guests George Lucas, Harrison Ford, and John Williams all were present for the anniversary experience.

Carrie Fishers Tribute was also held this day.

John Williams played Princess Leia's Theme, Imperial March, and the Intro to Star Wars.

Carrie Fishers Daughter, Billie Lourd, did a beautiful tribute to her.

When I walked in after checking my badge in and there were two huge hanger rooms with star wars banners. This is where we were able to get Wrist Bands to the different panels.

I entered the Convention and there were AT-AT's, Star Wars Themed Cars, and fans!

I've been trying to see Ashley Eckstein Since NYCC 2015 to tell her how much of an inspiration she has been to me. This time , It would happened! I was determined.

I walked onto the show floor , and who do I see? Ashley!

She was doing an interview with IGN and speaking to an Ahsoka Cosplayer.

I stoped in my tracks and had a tiny fan-girl moment.

It's her on the first day?!?! What!!!!

I stood on the outskirts of the crowd and watched as she did her interview .

When they walked away I was disbelief.

Did this really happen right in front of me!?

I caught myself walking back in forth in a tiny loop trying to decide if I wanted to go now and talk to her after her interview, or wait until later on in the con. Nevertheless, I continued into the con.

When walking around and gawking at all there was to see I bumped into Jamie Costa!

Jamie Costa is an Actor, Impressionist, & Filmmaker.

If you're not familiar with his stuff, here's a

fan-made video he did as Han Solo.

He also does voice impressions of Robbin Williams which is spot on!

After all of this I decided to do a photo-opt with Ashley Eckstein. I waited in line for two hours , but finally, I got the ticket!

I finally Made it ! SWC 2017!

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