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Star Wars Celebration Cosplay and Fashion

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

It's no secret two of my favorite things are Star Wars and Cosplay. So let's talk about all those amazing cosplay's that wandered through Star Wars Celebration. There were the traditional movie costumes that we see the characters wearing in the movies, and there were some very imaginative and creative pieces as well. If I took a picture of a cosplayer I tried my best to ask a few questions before I left them, if they weren't in a hurry, about if they hand-made it or bought it. I was pleasantly surprised by a few of these costumes!

This is my Padme Lake Retreat Evening Dress I handmade everything. Click link to see info.

The Queen Amidala Meadow Dress on the far left, she said created with chiffon, a curtain from Walmart, and it had two layers to it.

The Padme Blue dress on Tatooine she said it was handmade , but the designs on the back of it she designed the swirls , cut them out, and ironed them on to it.

The Padme "Handmaiden" from Phantom Menace she said she went to goodwill and found things that matched the coloring and cut the pieces from there.

The pants were actually drapes.

The boot wraps were two different kinds of fabric.

The belt she got the jewel at Michaels, along with matching the belt fabric to the under shirt fabric.

Padme's Lake Retreat Dress she said she had a day to make this.

She said the underneath was made of cotton and they dyed that.

The rest is a polyester fabric.

Personally I was extremely impressed by this one, done in a day?!? WOW!

This Queen Amidala Costume she said she had it commissioned. The dress was from Russia, and the Headpiece was from Italy.

The Padme Dress From Revenge of the Sith she said the green was made of silk and taffeta and the belt was made of rayon. There was a hoop skirt underneath it.

This Rex Costume , AMAZING. He said it was handmade using foam, leather and fiberglass.

The Sith Inquisitors , there costumes were made from foam and the hat on her head was made from paper mache.

The Aurra Sing Costume, she handmade. The hands were gloves , and she shoved cotton in the finger tips to make them long like in the movie/show.

The Doctor Aphra cosplay was partially handmade. The jacket was made from a faux leather and it was soft and comfortable.

Luminara Unduli cosplay was made from leather, cotton, lace dyed ,vinyl stretch, and wool.

Below Is just a few of the cosplayers and fashions walking around the convention. I loved how some put their own unique twist to the outfit.

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