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Scotland County Highland Games

Scotland County Highland Games is held in Laurinburg, NC. They had some pretty incredible demos! I loved the History of Gaelic and The Harp Player Eryn!

Learning about the History of the Gaelic Language

600,000 people that speak it. 

12 different dialects

They're trying to teach it. Wanting it to survive. It's part of the identity of Scotland. 

Gaelic is a Celtic Language.

Sabhal Mor Ostaig on the Isle Of Skye has Gaelic and fiddle and other classes offered.

There was a Punk Rocker that went there and learned it and now is teaching and writing science fiction in Gaelic.

There are 1000's of learners in America of Gaelic. North Carolina is a very important area because this is one of the main places they settled.

1720's immigrants immigrated to Laurinburg, NC or the Cape Fear Region. North Carolina was very strong for the Gaelic language. In 1791 the first Gaelic sermon was published By Dougal Crawford. He wrote two sermons.

The Harp Player Eryn Fuson, Playing Go Lassie Go.

Caper Tossing and Bagpipes!

The Clan Tents & The Vendors

You can go into a Clan tent and learn things specific to their family history like the MacFarlane's teamed up with the McGregor's and would steal cows from the Calhoun's, then try to sell them back to them. Also, they called the moon the MacFarlane's Lantern, because that's when they would steal the cows.

The vendor was called Scottish Leather & Lassie Wear also known as Time Period Clothing. She handmade all of the clothing in the tent! Definetly a very talented lady.

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