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Scarlet Witch Trench Coat: Planning Stages

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Over the past couple weeks I've decided that I wanted to make the Scarlet Witch trench coat from Avengers: Infinity War. I could wear it to comic conventions, as well as around town!

A little about the trench coat...it's got a lot of different panels.

I found the base that I want to modify, Yaya Han's M7644. This pattern has two different options. In my opinion, the View A is the best version to adjust.

Luckily, someone on Pinterest made a diagram of the different panels that are on this coat. You have to have three different types of material:

Suede, Faux Leather, and Textured Faux Leather.

I ordered the three different types of fabric listed above from Fashion Fabrics Club.

Faux Leather - Brick Red

Faux Suede Dean Red Home Decorating Fabric
Crimson Red Textured Faux Leather

Once the fabric has arrived, i'm going to make a mock up of the coat out of some scrap fabric. I'll make my seamstress marks of where all the specific pieces need to be placed, and then i'll cut out the new pattern pieces I've made from the mock up. I'll be working on this very soon!
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How to Get Your Cosplay Measurements

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