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Scarlet Witch Trench Coat: Part Two

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

After I rubber-hammered the seams on the coat, I created the lining. The lapel was made from suede material, and the rest of the lining was a red satin.

All together this coat had four types of material.

* Faux Textured Leather

*Faux Leather



I loved how the trench coat turned out. I'm not sure if I mentioned in the post before , but I created it with the high-low style that she wears in the movie.

*The thing about creating leather jackets, they will have a poof for a little bit. In the movie costume making process they have people that weather coats to make them seem worn.

Completed Product

Re-Read Scarlet Witch Trench Coat: Part One

Stay Tuned- I'm going to have a bonus post on Friday covering the

Mountain Empire Cosplay Collective

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