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Scarlet Witch Trench Coat: Part One

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I used the pattern M7644 to create my mock up for the trench coat.

I then drew my seamstress lines onto the fabric to distinguish what needed to be a different type of material. I seam ripped all the pieces apart to create the new patterns I created.

Once I started assembling the coat, I thought it started coming together nicely.


I just wanted to show for reference what it would look like so I pinned the sleeves onto the mannequin.

Since this is made from a faux leather, I will need to take a rubber hammer and wack the seams into shape. It will give it a much cleaner look.

I've worked with faux leather once before on the corset for Padme Lake Retreat Cosplay.

Stay tuned, I plan on adding lining to the coat as well as a few other additions!

**Side Note**

This weekend Rogue Universe will be at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC. We'll be posting pictures, and there will be a blog post about the weekend. If you're there don't be shy, come say Hi!

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