• Jennifer

Scarlet Witch Dapper Day Dress

My first Inspiration for Dapper Days was this fan art of Scarlet Witch. I figured it would be a really gorgeous dress to wear to the meet and greet!

I absolutely love her, she's a pretty amazing character in the Marvel Universe. She's a mutant with superhuman powers to manipulate chaos magic!

I decided to put straps on the dress, that way it has more support on the top.

I created the dress and long scarf. It has the chiffon sides like the picture above as well.

The meet and greet for Dapper Days was incredible. Everyone was dressed up in 1920's-1950's garb and it was just magical. One special thing that the people attending these events do, is Disney Bounding. Disney bounding is when you take a favorite character of yours, like my Scarlet Witch, and incorporate the colors and themes of her outfit and fashion it into something you can wear that make people go...." oh, that's ( Insert Character Name here)."

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