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Sarah Sanderson Cosplay

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Every Halloween for the past few years I tell myself," I want to make the Sanderson's Sisters Cosplay." Halloween comes and goes, and no Sanderson Sister costume.


I'm prepping for Halloween a few months early.

I've always loved Sarah Sanderon's Costume.The pink flower embroidered corset, and flowy skirt are perfect for her character.

The Build:

The skirt maybe took 2 hours to create. The purple and red are sewn together about four inches from the waist. I attached the white cloth behind that. I weathered the bottom by cutting the bottom to look raggedy and worn.

Next I started working on the corset. I've never used this pattern before! I decided to go with this corset pattern because, to me, it would cover my tummy better, as compared to the pointy corset. It was pretty straightforward though, I had to sew the full first layer together

With the channel layer, I had to tip the boning with some special tools.

After I got the channel layer completed, I attached it to the front side of the corset. Then it was time for the eyelets! One of my favorite parts.

This pattern called for the eyelets on the shoulders to create the sleeves and on the back where you lace it up.

Once I've got the corset and skirt the way I want them, it's time to attach the cheesecloth sleeves & make the cloak!


I wanted to dye them extremely similar to Sarah's sleeves. I found the perfect material to make them. CHEESE CLOTH!

I used cheese cloth and RIT pink liquid dye.

Drafting the pattern , I took one of my shirts and pattern drafted the sleeve I wanted from it.

I then took the cheese cloth into the dye for about 15- 20 minutes, while stiring on occasion.

After about four attempts at trying to get it to fit correctly after I hand stitched the pieces together, I finally got it the way I wanted it.

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