• Jennifer Rasnake

Sansa Stark Inspired Gown

Updated: Feb 2

I wanted to create something more on the fantasy spectrum of cosplay/costuming.

I decided to go with Sansa Stark, mainly because I wouldn't have to wear a wig, plus her clothing is feminine and elegant.

I went with the pattern Simplicity 1009 View C. I felt that view c was more Sansa, the other two shown below are more Cersei's style.

Attaching the bodice pieces together.

Bodice attaching to the bottom of the skirt.

After I attached the Sleeves. I put a light blue lining in the sleeves that matched the light blue in the dress fabric.

Side view of the dress with the light blue lining in the sleeves. Also look very closely at the side panel of the skirt, when I attached it, the pattern called for it to be installed like an upside-down U.

Sansa Stark Inspired Gown