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Sabine's Mandalorian Armor

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

"Where did you steal that armor from, bounty hunter?" "Bounty hunter? I forged this armor with my family!"

―A guard and Sabine Wren

Background on Sabine's armor :

Wren wore a suit of Mandalorian armor which she heavily customized after leaving Mandalore, no longer being bound by the restrictions placed on armor customization by the Death Watch. She kept the insulating body glove to which the armor bonded, but stripped away much of the rest to give the greatest amount of mobility possible, keeping only the collar armor, ankle plates, breastplate, knee, elbow and shoulder pads. The only part of her armor that Wren did not reduce or personalize was the Nite Owls helmet she wore, as she had inherited it; nevertheless, she did upgrade the comlink-incorporated helmet's interior electronics. The headwear retained its traditional targeting viewfinder and macrobinocular view plate and, though it featured a variety of control interfaces, Wren rarely used them. She did however make use of the helmet's holo-imager, using its video and image recording features to capture her artistic efforts.She also wore a pair of computer-linked gauntlets, but rarely used their weaponized components or her jetpack and rocket pack, equipment used more commonly by the Death Watch. Her pauldrons and helmet were blaster-proof to at least the point that bolts fired from a WESTAR-35 blaster pistol would not penetrate them, as evidenced when Darth Vader deflected two shots from her pistols into her right pauldron and helmet without injuring her.

The Paint Design

Wren applied a personalized paint job to each part of her armor based on the color scheme of her inherited helmet.This consisted of a pink color scheme around the time Bridger joined the crew of the Ghost, but changed to include more orange between the Siege of Lothal and her meeting with the clones on Seelos. Consistent throughout both color schemes were an image of an anooba on the left shoulder pad, a black and white dejarik pattern on the left shoulder pad, and a star bird on her breastplate. On top of the custom paint job, Wren's clothes and armor were often splattered with paint from her most recent project.

Here's a few examples of Cosplayers creating the armor

A Few Creations following her look!

Sabine Wren , The Inventive Mandalorian

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