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Rogue Universe Update

For the past nine weeks I've been going through the co-starters program through AcelNow.

Co- starters is a 9 week course that helps new entrepreneurs find out what to focus on and how to execute the dream to make it a reality.


Pitch night was terrifying and exciting all at the same times. I was so happy that I was able to present what I had learned over the past few weeks.

Our class has wonderful small business entrepreneurs, check them out!


Ashley is the HR Partner for Entrepreneurs, she has a passion for helping small businesses grow. www.sprouthr.co

Pet Revolution

Tiffany & Kurt are Pet Revolution. www.facebook.com/PetRevolutionUS

They have a desire to help improve the life of small animals. They've invented a silent wheel for your small pets, definitely something every small pet owner knows the struggle of.

Shipshape Solutions

Angie at Shipshape Solutions She brings order to chaotic environments.

Olivia Dawn

Halie of Oliva Dawn, She creates inspiring and traveling candles. That will help calm and comfort the customer.

Impressions Fine Art

Joe of Impressions Fine Art has the heart for seeing local and regional artist grow in the community. To let them express their creativity in a safe space.

Four Eyes Design

Cesar Santiago of Four Eyes Design, creates fandom and floral fabric. A few of which yours truly purchases from.

Kingsport Theater Guild

Tina of the Kingsport Theatre Guild She has the drive to see that all productions are an A+.

I'm so proud of each and everyone of these people. We have seen each other grow so much in the past few weeks.

Keep checking back to see more news of the growth of Rogue Universe as we set off on our business endevour.

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