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Rogue Universe Update!

Welcome to the Rogue Update!

Skater Dresses

I found this amazing pattern for skater dresses that i've been constantly making. I've made a Nightmare Before Christmas, Stormtrooper Sugar Skulls, and Empire Strikes Back Skater Dress. Their super comfy, and add the twirl factor that I adore. I plan on making more with more sizes!

See Gallery for more pictures of these dresses

Mermaid Gown

I've used this fabric before, and it became one of the most unique materials I've worked with. I was at a cross-roads with either making it a gown or a skater dress, I decided the gown, because i've done a lot of skater dresses this week. The this about this dress, is that it's tighter due to the material. The train however is beautiful and resembles that of a mermaid tail! I'm still trying to decide if I want to attach sleeves or not.

See Gallery for more pictures of this gown


So I have some great news!! Tuesday August 15th, I will have my first booth set up for my soaps at the Kingsport Times News 50+ Expo. I cain't wait! Interested in coming and seeing our table?

Keep a look out on the www.timesnews.net for more information about the expo.

We've been mixing new different products for Sud Wars. Vanilla Bean Coffee on the left, and then Miss Mattie receiving our Pink Cotton Candy soap. She was ecstatic!

We also have a full list of our fragrances:

Sud Wars Fragrance List:

Fruity Pebbles-Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon Grass Pirate Bar- Caribbean Coconut Deadly Nightshade- blackberry & sugar violets Luke's Diner- espresso Xeno Bar- Apple sage ( green apple) Hoth Bar-vanilla Bean noel Lemon Berry- berry fusion & lemon Butter beer Fruit loop Vanilla American Psycho-blood orange Moroccan Mint Indiana Bar-tobacco and Bay leaf Earl Grey hot-Bergamont and white tea with real tea leaves The Green Fairy-Absinthe Green Mint Tea-green tea and Peppermint with real tea leaves London Fog-Madagascar vanilla and beramont and white tea Paopu Fruit- starfruit and Mango pineapple and mint english bathouse cotton candy Pina Colda-pineapple and coconut vanilla chai Fast and furious- havana heat ( A great masculine Scent) Fern gully- yuz cymbila Minion-banana Orange Creame-orange and vanilla banana and orange Vanilla Bean Coffee- vanilla Chai and Espresso Verbena and vanilla Almond and Honey

Bases to choose from: also with detergent free option ( which I usually get) Australian Tree Tea Oil Honey Shea goat milk coconut milk oatmeal clear glycerin

I will let you know if we have any that are a limited time as well on this newsletter.

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