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Rogue One Premiere Dress

I thought it would be fun to create a dress to wear to the new star wars movie, Rogue One, in theaters December. I feel like this is a great 70's retro style pattern , to put with the Force Awakens Star Wars fabric I found.

This is the first dress that I worked on by myself. I began working on this back in February, but I made a few mistakes and had to deconstruct it completely. I had to resize the dress to fit my exact measurements, and figure out how to place the lining in.

Since February I've attended a novice sewing course and a few other little classes. I've finished a Jedi tunic & the Leia Bespin top

I started working on the dress again last night (10 months later) and it's coming together quiet nicely.

Things I learned while making this:

  • Do the Zipper when you sew the back seams together

  • For the lining remember to turn the pieces right side right side, sew that, then turn it inside out.

And Voila! The dress has been completed

Rogue One in Theaters December 16th

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