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Rob Con 2017

At 32 years old, Rob-Con is the Tri-Cities longest-running and largest convention.

To accommodate the hundreds of fans and dozens of vendors the convention draws each year, organizers have decided to move it to Kingsport’s MeadowView Conference, Resort & Convention Center 2018.

The convention has been at Viking Hall for the past five of its 32 years, and Rob Pilk, the convention’s namesake and co-owner of Mountain Empire Comics, said he hopes to be able to double the attendance, bring in more vendors and offer more for the convention by moving to a larger facility.

With more space, Rob-Con organizers will be able to host discussion panels with bigger guests and have a more accommodating space for the costume contest. This year, the costume contest brought 200 participants, about 50 more than last year with all their elaborate costuming.

Two of my favorite Costumes this weekend. Medieval Rey and Kylo. Rey got her inspiration from the Lake Retreat Dress Padme' Wears, and turned it into a golden masterpiece. And Kylo, That was just extremely impressive. They said they created them by hand. You go guys!! FANTASTIC! Their facebook page is Con Artist Cosplay, Go Check it out!

This year, author Timothy Zahn took a table on stage as one of the featured guests. He's best known for the Thrawn Series he wrote for Star Wars. Me personally, Heir to the Empire is my favorite. He also created Mara Jade, Luke's Wife, one of my favorite characters.

I enjoy it because it's local! It's got a little bit of everything. This year they even had a Steam-Punk Tardis.

I'm also sporting my Comfortable Con Wear! Did I mention it has pockets?


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