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Reign: Mary Queen of Scots Costume: Part 2

Last week I started doing the research and preparation for my Mary Queen of Scots Gown. Here's a recap of the front of the gown and the back.

The front consists of the bodice cut straight across the top, along with the gold skirt. The back of the bodice has two tabards coming down over the skirt.

Below is the fabric I decided to use to create the gown a gold taffeta and a black and gold embroidered floral fabric.

Once I started on the bodice. I lined it with a gold satin. The tabards I created using the method of draping. Draping for designing is the process of positioning and pinning fabric on a dress form to develop the structure of a desired garment. I also created the back to be corset style.

Below is what the finished bodice looks like viewing it from the side.

I'll be working on a few custom commissions in the next few weeks, so please Stay Tuned for the Complete Project.


Reign: Mary Queen of Scots Costume: Part 1

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