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Reign: Mary Queen of Scots Costume: Part 1

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Recently I've been watching Reign and I've gotta say, their costumes are killer.

They aren't historical accurate though, which to some people is a turn off ( Like Mary Queen of Scots, was actually a Redhead).

I on the other hand embraced their creativity to take inspiration from the time period and make it more modern.

For instances, at this time during history, the men should be wearing fluffy pants, but the costume designers decided to stick with a more modern look, so they went with leather pants.


I fell in love with a lot of the costumes worn on the show. The one below was a favorite of mine, because it's extremely simple, but elegant. Also if you look in the pictures to your left she has a tabbard coming down from the bodice.

I decided to go with the Simplicity 3782. I'll alter the bodice and not add the sleeve puffs.


I found the gold Taffeta on Ebay and the black and gold embroidered floral fabric on Etsy.

I think it looks extremely similar, other than the skirt fabric doesn't have the pink dots, which I'm fine with.

Stay tuned for Part 2 for the construction!

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