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Regal Rebel Dress

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I wanted to create a rebel inspired dress. Using the same pattern as the Star Wars Comic Dress.

I had been thinking what would go well with the rebellion symbol , out of the fabric i've collected. I decided the rouge polyester fabric would be an interesting match.

Where I already had the pattern cut once before, it was super easy this time. All I had to do was cut the pieces of fabric and piece them together.

I'm still getting use to actually working with polyester , so that was a challenge, but overall it went really well.

Even the zipper was simple to install.

The patch is an iron on, so that didn't take to long to secure on the dress.

The only thing I have left now is to fix the neck area and hem the arms and the bottom of the dress.

With cutting the pieces, sewing, ironing , I would say it took me 4 hours to put this dress together.

Once I finished hemming the dress and sleeves, i decided that it needed something a little extra.

I had some extra fabric laying around, and decided to add the cape to it.

How to attach the cape was the hard part, I figured out finally I would attach it starting from near the shoulder seam.

Here's my finished product! I think it turned out better than I could have hoped for.

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