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Random Packing Tips To Make The Most Of Conventions

Sometimes, the convention experience can be hacked with a little travel wisdom. When you're cramming tons of people in your car, or faced with $45 checked bag fees, luggage space is at a premium. Even if you have all the space in the world, we've all been victim to a carelessly packed razor blade (ouch!) or stinky shoes. Luckily, hacking your packing is just as easy to do as to say. We hope these tips will help you maximize your experience!

—Use empty pill bottles for taking small quantities of items that come in handy. This can include stuff like bobby pins and cotton swabs. Remember to wash the label off any empty pill containers, and keep all medications in properly labeled bottles to avoid any potential issues.

—Throw a bar of hotel soap (keep it wrapped) into your dirty clothes bag or stinky shoes as spot deodorizers. The front desk will have extras, if you need one or two, or you can leave a note for the housekeeper. You can bring tea bags with you for this, as well (don’t brew the tea first).

—Cases for sunglasses or eyeglasses make excellent containers for jewelry, extra batteries, and small cables.

—Take pictures of your stuff. Get all the stuff you are taking with you. This helps with travel insurance in case something gets lost or stolen. (Side note: get travel insurance.) Take pictures of your contact info (like the hotel name, phone number, and room number), and take pictures of important documents (like your photo ID, the backs of your credit cards—but not the fronts, and health insurance information). If you are renting a car, take pictures of the car (inside and outside) before leaving the rental place. Store these photos in your email instead of on your phone, and keep your phone password-protected.

—Pack shoes in plastic bags, so any dirt doesn’t get on the rest of your stuff. Pack stuff like underwear and socks inside your shoes to save space. If your shoes stink, put unused tea bags in them instead, otherwise you will smell like feet. All day.

—Empty chapstick tubes are the perfect size to hide some emergency cash or other small valuables.

—Put a binder clip around your razor blade. It keeps you from getting cut on the blades while you are digging around in your luggage.

—Pack jewelry in pillboxes to keep it from getting tangled or lost. You can also thread necklaces through straws. Make sure the pillbox closes securely.

Have any other tips? Let us know in the comments!

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