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Quick! I Need Something Nerdy To Wear.

If you're like me, sometimes you have a hard time finding shirts & accessories that carry your favorite genre, size, etc. Here are a few websites where you can usually find something to fit your nerdy personality. Below, I have listed some of the websites that have things that would be great for comfortable cosplaying at conventions or everyday life!



They have two new shirts daily in women and men styles. They are a limited time offer, but if you miss it the day of, you have a few hours the next day to purchase it before they go into the vault for a while. Sometimes they bring designs back out, or they put them up for sale. (Below are a few of the artist & their work. These ladies are wonderful artist and are featured on a lot of the t-shirt websites).

Her Universe


Her Universe is a website sells mainly girls & women clothes. They have different pop culture reference items. The owner is the woman who voices Ashoka Tano from the Clone Wars/ Rebel's Series. A few of their items would be great for comfortable wear at a convention.



Redbubble has a lot of different uncommon items from shirts to mugs to prints.

Superhero Stuff


Super Hero Stuff has a lot of different items. Shirts ranging from a small to a 4x.

We Love Fine


We Love Fine has a lot of different pop culture items.

The Yetee


Yetee has daily unique shirts on sale.

Gold Bubble


Gold Bubble is a small business owned by two individuals. They create high end women nerd clothing. I have myself bought the Han Solo leggings. They fit very comfortable. Great for everyday cosplaying .

Black Milk Clothing


Is a very high end nerd shop as well, like Gold Bubble. They are based in Australia. They have a lot of things that would be great for cosplaying!

Frogmouth Clothing


I learned about this company from Kelly Sue DeConnick when she was talking about her line of Non-Compliant leggings and shirts. They have a lot of roller derby garments. Available in 36 sizes from 3XS Petite to 6XL Long



They have lots of different things. I've bought cosplay costumes before, accessories for cosplays, sewing patterns, prints to hang in my house. They have many cosplay items. (You do have to be careful though when purchasing. Aria and I had to make alterations to this after I bought it).

Think Geek


Thinkgeek has different pop culture genres. They have things for women and men and household items. (Below are some examples of clothing from Thinkgeek. The Spider Gwen dress & Jedi dress. The clothing fits perfectly!) Outfits are great for cosplaying at a convention.



Tee Turtle has a lot of different shirts. They're all "cute & adorable." They have them for men and women.

Espionage Cosmetics


They have a lot of different nerdy make-up. They have Non-Complaints nail wraps from the comic Bitch Planet.

Kat Von D


This website has alot of good liquid lipsticks, and put it with the espionage glitter tape on , it looks badass!

Shirt Punch


New Shirts every day that are $10 plus shipping.

Ript Apparel


Has new daily shirts every day.

80's Tee


They have a lot of old school nerd shirts.

Tee Public


A huge variety of shirts.

Hot Topic


As I'm sure you know, Hot Topic has a lot of pop culture stuff. From clothing to Funko pop figures, you can usually find something you like. They have gamer shirts, movie shirts, band shirts ... just everything. They have a lot of items that could be used for cosplaying.

Nerdy Shirts


Graphic Lab Tees


Nerd Kung Fu


This website has a lot of things, not just shirts.

All Posters


They sell hundreds of different variety of shirts for bands, movies, video games.

Living Dead Clothing


Is a high quality nerd shop. they have everything from Dresses to catsuits. They are based in Australia. They have some awesome pieces for cosplay!

Sparkle! Designs


I discovered Sparkle Designs actually at Dragoncon this year. They have a lot of beautiful fandom jewelry. I bought a ring and a necklace from there. Great quality

Rogue Universe

Here's one of our pieces, a comic skirt.

If you have a cool website that is your go to for Nerdy Clothing , Let us know!!!!!

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