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Prosthetics for Cosplay: Horror & Face Make-Up

Prosthetics for Cosplay: Horror & Face Make-Up

Panelist: Rob & Jeff

(Thank You, Leslie, For Holding The Pieces While I Took Pictures!)

Different Ways You Can Get Started:

Foam Latex ( This is the hardest way)

Silicone ( Is expensive and is single use)

Gelatine ( It's pretty common in Hollywood, but not on Face Off)

Gelatine you can buy cheap and at the store. It is water-based. Reusable. and if you're at a convention, it's workable in a hotel room. Remember it is hot & moldable.

3 Ingredients You Need To Make The Mixture

1. Hot Knox Gelatine 2. Glycerin 3. Sorbitol

How To Make The Mixture

4 Packs Of Gelatine To make thicker you add more packs, four is a pretty good amount. ( If you want it to look runny use 1-2 packs)

3 Tablespoons Of Glycerin

2 Tablespoons of Sorbitol

When mixing be careful, It is hot and can be harmful.

After mixing the liquid parts together, microwave it for 20-second intervals. Keep an eye on it though, you don't want it to boil.

Some Tips:

Try to make enough in one batch. You can microwave the mixture back up again if you need to change what's been molded. This way is very forgiving of beginners. In a hotel room, you can use a potpourri pot to heat the gel up.

For some other molds, you can get from plastic masks. You want to keep an eye out for fun shapes to make into molds. Muffin Tins are good molds. To make a mold you can use Durham's water putty which you can get that at home depot or lowes for $2.00. Ultra Cal is $ 50.

Once you've created your mold, you need to peel the design out of the mold, use either a mold release that you can get at Michaels for $1.00 or hair condition works great as well.

How To Apply To Your Face:

You can either freehand it or use adhesive & dab with gel with a popsicle stick.

There are two types of adhesive you can use with gelatine 1. Spirit Gum 2. Liquid Latex. If your mixture is a water base, you DO NOT want to combine it with a petroleum or latex base.

*Get the remover for the adhesive. Seriously.

Touch Up Kit For When You Are At A Con:

You can actually use an eye contact lens case to hold the mixtures you need.

You'll need the base, translucent powder, Eyeshadow brushes, spirit gum adhesive.

Some Examples Of The Molds And Completed Pieces

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