• Jennifer Rasnake

Professor Minerva Mcgonagall's Hat

Updated: Feb 2

While re-watching Harry Potter recently, I decided I wanted to try to reconstruct Professor Mcgonagall's outfit from when she is teaching transfiguration. Her costume to me is simple, elegant, and comfortable.

To begin this cosplay, I started with the hat.

It seemed challenging at first because this is the first time I've created a hat by myself.

I used the hat pattern from the now -Out of Print- Simplicity 9887.

The material I used on the first three was a black panne velvet, and the fourth one is made from black velveteen.

It took me four tries to get the brim and everything correct. Fourth times the charm right?

First: I used the wrong interfacing. I used regular interfacing for regular cloth

that you iron on. I figured out the construction aspect of the hat so that's a plus.

Second: created I used stronger interfacing that you iron on, but still wasn't pleased. The brim looked like a sun hat more than a witches' hat.

Third: I used much more durable interfacing that you iron on. It was a tad difficult to sew through all the different layers, but well worth it. The bent tip was wired with floral wire to help hold it's shaping. The nice finishing hem around the hat- Bias tape. It's super useful and I just found out about it.

Fourth: It took me a little bit to figure out how to size it perfectly. I added 1/2 an inch on both back seams of the crown of the hat. I wanted to make it look even better by using a Velveteen. I made the brim 3 inches around to give it the McGonagall look.

In my opinion, the fourth one is the best! :)

I used a feather from Michael's and a random stash button to finish off the McGonagall look.

Stay tuned! I plan on creating Professor McGonagall's robe.

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