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Princess Leia Bespin Cosplay

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Completed : In progress

Hours: 12







In designing Cloud City, concept artist Ralph McQuarrie soon realized that bright colors would not work for the set. So while the set itself was mainly white or off-white, he used the costumes of Cloud City’s residents to bring in vibrant, rich color. This was certainly true for Leia who, up until this point in the trilogy, had only been seen in white. The designers strived to create a softer, more feminine outfit for her that was entirely different from her military-inspired Hoth costume.

The challenge was to find the right direction for the costume, since they weren’t hampered by any limitations such as historical accuracy. In the end, they designed a gown that both had an Indian flavor and reflected the Art Deco aesthetic of Cloud City, but was also “spacey,” as costume designer John Mollo described it.

The tunic, belt, and harem pants were made of crepe de chine silk with dyed-to-match shoes. The most labor-intensive part of the costume was the sleeveless silk cloak. In addition to a quilted yoke and braided trim, the cloak was embellished by stunning embroidery that was done entirely by hand and took countless hours. Though the embroidered design is hard to see on-screen, it adds a layer of detail and depth to the costume and is absolutely beautiful in photos.


For the top i’m using the New Look 6673 letter E

I had a little complication with the arms. I accidentally

sewed the wrong side to the wrong side. I'm having to completely take them apart and piece them back together.

<-----Attaching them the correct way!

Correct way to attach sleeves!

The sleeves have been attached, and the zipper in place. It is all coming together nicely. The only thing left I need to finish on this piece is the trim and hem the bottom and sleeves.

Then up next either the belt or the pants!

I order the trim for the tunic on amazon it's the Kreinik Heavy #32 Braid Metallic Thread #221 Antique Gold. ( a few websites said this is what they used)

This Thread is perfect!!!

Also recently someone uploaded the pattern for the Cloak on Spoonflower.

I ordered three yards.

Princess Leia Bespin Pants

I ended up using the pattern Simplicity 5359.

These pants weren't at all difficult to sew by any means.

The bottom is what you have to use elastic with to get it to cuff to your ankle. The pants after their finished fit great . They kind of remind me of Princess Jasmine pants.

Also enjoy this Rogue Universe Freebie for all you cosplayers out there!

Cosplay Measurement Checklist

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