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Prep for Star Wars Celebration

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Leading up to Star Wars Celebration there are a few things you need to considering months to years in advance.

When do tickets go on sale ?

Which Type of Ticket should I buy?

Where and When is it being held ?

Host Hotels nearby?

Star Wars Celebration has been around since it looks like 1999. So far it has been held in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Me personally , I have been eyeing Star Wars Celebration since 2015 when it was held in Anaheim, California. I waited for them to release where it would be held the years following , and decided 2017 would be my year.

I signed up for there newsletter www.starwarscelebration.com and waited patiently through 2016.

The tickets went on sale May 27th 2016 for Star Wars Celebration Orlando at 10 AM CST. The website was a tad laggy at first because everyone was trying to grab their tickets , but I was finally able to get in and purchase my tickets for four days. The tickets were $150 a person. That price was for a four day pass for the convention.

Kids 5 and under will be admitted for free to Star Wars Celebration Orlando and no ticket is required. Kids 6-12 must have a valid Kids Ticket to attend Star Wars Celebration Orlando.

While purchasing your tickets they will let you order the lanyard for that convention.

After you secure your tickets, it's best to look at the host hotels that surround the convention center. The hosts have graciously made a "travel tab" on the celebration site that gives you a list of the hotels and their prices www.starwarscelebration.com You can book directly from there.

Then just sit back and watch as they release the special guests, artists, and celebrities.

I will tell you this though, it does seem like they release the big celebrities as it gets closer to the beginning of the show.

Star Wars Celebration is April 13th-16th 2017 and they released Mark Hamill March 29th and Hayden Christian March 31st , if that gives you an idea of how they wait to keep you guessing.

The App was up as of March 31st with all the Panels, Exhibitors, Exclusives, and much more.

Experience Alert:

Personally after attending, the VIP pass is definitely worth it. You can skip waiting in lines 97% of the time. If you have to wait in line, it's no longer than thirty minutes. If I had purchased the VIP pass, I would have been able to enjoy the convention a lot more and not wasted 2-3 hours at a time in line. They cost $700, but there are a ton of perks that come along with it. Perks for VIP

Some things you need to prepare yourself for:


Thousands of fans ( 70k attended in 2017)

Save money for memorabilia, autographs, and photo ops

If you want to get a specific wrist band, sometimes you have to camp overnight. It's first come first serve, and they usually start letting people in at 5 AM

The 2019 Star Wars Celebration is being held in Chicago

Click here to see my experience!

Also enjoy our freebie checklist for convention goers!

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