• Jennifer Rasnake

Pirates Of The Caribbean Elizabeth Swann Cosplay

This is one of my favorite movies growing up watching it with my dad. Who couldn't love Jack sparrow and his quirky self. Over the past years every time I watch one of the POTC movies I end up going off to Pinterest and daydreaming about making one of the costumes from the movie.

Fast forward to March 2021 My friend Chayla, Daniel, and I decided to go to St. Augustine in May to take content pictures for our businesses.

Daniel will be making his ( 3rd....4th?) Jack Sparrow Costume and I will be making Elizabeth Swann's Gold dress from The Curse Of The Black Pearl. I will also be taking my Katara Dress From Avatar to do a few cosplay yoga photos.

Research & Materials

Why the gold dress you ask? Well, I have the pattern for it, and I needed to get it sewn together quickly.

The dress she wears in the movie has a damask outer fabric and a heavily embroidered bodice front.

Sewing Pattern from Simplicity


This is pretty accurate to the dress as you can see.

Fabric For The Dress

The cheapest I found was in the same color, however with a different floral design.


I got the lining ( muslin) from Walmart and yellow fabric from Walmart.

I had a very light fabric for the contrast colors, but I ran out. I ended up having to go with the lighter yellow at Walmart, it's not as light as I would like, but it works.

Bodice Construction

The bodice construction wasn't bad at all. The only issue I had is the bodice front, I'm needing to upsize it.

Dress Construction

We ended up making the front bodice piece a lot bigger, as the original piece would not have fit at all. Thanks to Daniel for his pattern drafting. We decided to sew one end onto the dress, and the other we would use to close with hook and eyes. The top layer of skirt we sewed onto the bodice, and the underskirt we attached to elastic.

Finishing Touches

Adding the lace to the outline of the overdress and in the sleeves. Also attaching hook and eyes to the side of the dress to it closes nicely.

Elizabeth Swan Cosplay In Saint Augustine

Photography By Chayla Photography