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Pineapple Skater Skirt : Psych Inspired🍍

I loved the C-3PO skirt process and look so much, I decided to go a little pineapply on my next project. I also want to make this in time for my cruise!

My inspiration comes from Psych one of my favorite crime comedy's. In short Psych is about a "Psychic" detective and his best friend Gus. They end up solving multiple cases together. I definitely recommend it, if you like silly crime shows. You'll probably find it now on Netflix.

Why the pineapples you ask?

Since the beginning of the show they hid a pineapple in each episode. That was one of the things that always kept me on my toes throughout the episodes.

Pineapple Skirt 🍍

I'm doing the exact same style as the C-3PO Skirt.

I purchased the fabric at hobby lobby.

I was actually in line getting ready to check out and spotted the pineapple fabric and bolted towards it!

The material is cotton and the design is a baby pink color with polka dots and pineapples.

Fit for Juliet O'Hara if you ask me!

I didn't have to seam rip the skirt at all! Woot! All in all i'd say it took me 2-3 hours to finish completely.

I think it turned out really well !

- You Know That's Right- Shawn Spencer

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