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Padme Amidala Naboo Battle Uniform: Part One

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Let's face it, i'm in love with all of Padme's Outfits from the Star Wars prequels. This one in particular I love because of the practicality and without becoming unregal or unfeminine.

I wanted to make this costume as close to movie accurate as possible. I'm bound and determined!

Materials used:

  • 12 Yards of Burgundy Velvet

  • Fushia Satin to line the coat

  • Jacquard Gold Trim ( very similar to screen used)

For the overcoat I found the perfect pattern - now OOP Butterick 4051.

The bodice & sleeves are exactly what I need to create this. The skirt I'm modifying to be just above the ankles.

Putting the bodice together was a breeze. I had to put a few darts in the front. The collar I used a thicker interfacing to make it keep it's shape.

I lined the bodice coat with a fuchsia/burgundy satin material due to some movie stills of Padme's sleeves and coat.

Front view of the Bodice/Coat and skirt sewn together.

Side view of the bodice/coat and skirt sewn together.

Up next: Padme Amidala Naboo Battle Uniform: Part Two.

Also enjoy this Rogue Universe Freebie for all you cosplayers out there!

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