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Mountain Empire Cosplay Collective: Sewing & Chainmail!

This past week the Mountain Empire Collective covered sewing & chainmail.


Sewing was taught by me. I explained how to thread a machine and sew a straight line.

There's a lot of different sewing machines out there, usually you can go to YouTube and type the make and model of your machine and you'll find a video about how to thread your machine.

For sewing a straight line there's different techniques, I learned in sewing class using these training papers. They actually really helped me because once you sew you can pick them up and hold them up to the light and see how close you got to the lines. Feel free to click the images below and print them off! They're pretty handy.

Also this video I found pretty helpful for beginners wanting to learn how to sew a straight line.


If you're thinking chainmail, like in chainmail armor? You're correct! Diana showed us her chainmail pieces, and let me tell you she put a lot of work into them! Have you ever seen how to create the little rings? It's pretty tedious. This video I found has the basics of creating your own chainmail.

Keep a look out for more Mountain Empire Cosplay Collective Posts!

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