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Kingsport, TN

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2019, Rogue Universe

  • Jennifer

Moons & Stars Dress Inspired By Sorcerer Mickey

"How About A Little Magic!"

-Mickey Mouse

Beginning Stages...

I really enjoy the Fantasia Mickey, or Sorcerer Mickey if you will. I spoke with Cesar of Four Eyes Design and he created his own version! I absolutely loved it.

Creating Process...


This was a surprise to everyone that I decided to make this dress light up. I didn't actually decide to do this effect until two days before we left for Disney.

End Result...

Here's the result of my Sorcerer Mickey

We did a lot of great networking and I even had a Lighting Crew Cast Member find me to say that they spotted my dress from their screens at the Disney castle and they wanted to know if I made it!

Designer Info:

The Moons and Stars Fabric Design was created by Four Eyes Design. Be sure to check out his website for more of his incredible designs!