• Jennifer Rasnake

Mjoll the Lioness Bracers

Updated: Feb 2


We took some screenshots of Mjoll in Skyrim and looked very closely at her bracers. It looked to us that she had the fur bracers, and then a piece of metal that was tied with leather straps.

First Steps

What we did to create the bracers to where they would fit my arm properly was we took some paper and taped it to my arm then cut it. After that, we used that as a pattern and cut out the foam and the fur to that shape.

Creating The Metal Part

Daniel sketched out the design for the metal top part, and then we cut it on a thicker foam. For the rivets, we used wiggly eyes and glued them down.


For the metal arm bracers to paint the entire thing, we spray painted them.

Finishing Touches

We then dry brush painted the arm bracers and put the leather straps on.

Want to learn some foam armor techniques and skills? Daniel will be teaching at Washington College Academy and at the Kingsport Theatre Guild soon!