• Jennifer

Merida, Brave Dapper Day Dress

Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it. 🏹🐻

Beginning Stages ...

One of my favorite Disney Characters is Merida, from Brave. She's from 10th century Scotland, and a horse-riding-archery-master-tom-boy-all-around-awesome-strong-female-character, what's not to love!!

Creating Process...

I used the sash pin from the Disney Parks version of Merida. I wanted to get a teal color of blue fabric for Merida, but it was a little lighter shade. I made sure to do research on what the traditional way to wear the sash would be. You have to wear it from your right to left, only Clan Leader Wives wear the sash from left to right.

End Result...

My favorite experience wearing this design, was when two little girls went ," Mom!!! Look it's Brave!"

That definitely made everything worth it.

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