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Meet Zub. Kitty. Cosplay!

Name/Handle: Zub.Kitty.Cosplay

Location: I live in Middle Earth/Narina ( Also known as New Zealand)

Favorite cosplay and why: It's a split between Cap bunny and Live Action Cinderella. Cap is so much fun to wear and Cinderella was definitely the build I'm most proud of.

How long you’ve been cosplaying: I started properly cosplaying at the end of 2016, so just over two years.

Do you create your own or have it commissioned: I've made most of my own, I enjoy putting them together and working out the details.

Favorite thing about Cosplaying: I love seeing how happy it makes people. Either seeing their favorite characters or people being able to show off their creations.

Favorite Experiences Cosplaying: My best cosplay experience isn't actually in cosplay. I'm lucky to have a great group of people that live near me and we have cosplay building days. We use the term " building" loosely as it tends to be more eating and laughing then building.

Next convention: OZ Con in Brisbane

Advice for new cosplayers: My advice for anyone starting out is just to have fun and not take it too seriously. And get photos of yourself!!! Even if it's just a mobile phone picture. So often I forget this and regret it later.

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