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Meet Wind Walk!

Name/Instagram Handle WindWalk

Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Favorite Cosplay & Why : My favorite costume is Papyrus from the Undertale ( Underkeep) game, it is energetic, fun, slightly insane Skelton! It gives ample opportunity for action, for revealing character, his nature, movements! You can fool around, and the next moment you are already a serious guard of the dungeon, or an ominous corpse, and after you treat the travelers with branded spaghetti! This character is close to me.

Do You Buy Or Make Your Cosplay? I make most of my costumes by myself, sometimes I ask my friends for help. I think many cosplayers do that! Buy I make the armor and swords and other stuff like this for my suits exclusively by myself.

What's your favorite thing about cosplay? In cosplay, I like the process of creating costumes. Previously, I made a costume to order, but decided that now I will do it only for myself! This is an open space for experiments and samples of new materials.

Next Convention? I plan to visit Comic Con Russia, which will be held in October in Moscow!

Best Experience Cosplaying? I think my best costume is the main character from the short anime ME!ME!ME! In it, a young man struggles with his lust. I have been preparing this costume for about 3 years, gradually improving and improving. I tried to max out- a programmable backlight, a hard body, all the details fit. I presented this costume at Moscow Comic Con 2018, which was tried by Lion Chiro, and my costume won the best debut cosplay nomination!

Advice for new cosplayers: For new cosplayers I can say that the main thing is persistence. Do not be afraid of failures, even the best of us failed sometimes! Unleash your potential! Find a business you like! Indeed, in cosplay there are many directions for development!

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