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What's your favorite cosplay and why.

 My favorite cosplay is Arthur Weasley because Arthur is that average working class person with a family and yet he is beloved by fans for his endearing charm of accepting those who are different. He wants to talk with muggles and opens his home to a werewolf. Although he is often offered as comic relief, he is not shown as incompetence or a buffoon. He is an accomplice wizard who focuses on family, friends, and doing what he thinks is right. I like how people respond with smiles as I cosplay him. 

How long have you been cosplaying. 

Well depending on how you want to define cosplay, I have been cosplaying for about 39 (1979) years because I worked at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire when I was young. But in the more contemporary sense, about 13 years. My interest in cosplay stems from my exploration of both imagery and historical worlds and am fond of portraying the common person within those genres.

Do you make your own or commission. 

Well, the funny thing about my cosplay is that most of it is my normal everyday cloths. For the 2005 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book release party at a local book store, I attended the event in my normal work cloths and ended up winning first prize for best adult costume. My friends, who still laugh about this, thrust me onto the stage to the applause of the crowd. I do buy some of my cosplay such as my iconic Arthur hat, have some commission pieces such as a new wool cloak, and make some of my own such as I do my own knitting and crafting.


What's your favorite thing about cosplaying 

 Mostly making people smile and laugh. 

Next convention 

 Most likely it will be WonderCon 2019 but there are lots of convention I would like to attend

especially out of the country. 

Any advice for new cosplayers ?

The smaller the budget, the more time and energy needed to complete a cosplay project. This is based on my project management work and training over the years. There are three basic condition for creating a cosplay: quality, cost, and time. The rule is that you can choose two of these such as high quality and quick turn around but at a high cost. But if you have a small budget, then expect to spend more time or create something of lower quality. By the way, it is okay to create something of lower quality at times. I often will try something out first at a small group events to see what works so that I know where to place my efforts. 

I would also like to thank Jon York @yorkinabox for taking some of these photos. 

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