• Jennifer

Meet The Real Destro!

Name/Instagram Handle @the_real_destro

Location: NYC,USA

Favorite Cosplay & Why : Destro from GI Joe is my favorite Cosplay of course.

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying? 10 year

Do you make your own or commission? I design my cosplays with sketches and pictures for for reference or concept art and I use different people from all over the World to make specific pieces for me.

What's your favorite thing about cosplay? My favorite thing about cosplaying is the reaction from different people who react to seeing a cartoon and comic book character in real life. People who tell me I was their favorite character from their childhood. Walking conventions and hearing people yell my characters name.

Next Convention? Dragon Con in August in Atlanta, GA

Best Experience Cosplaying? The best experience I've had when cosplaying is meeting the Creator of GI Joe Concept Comic book writer Mr. Larry Hama and him referring to me as Destro and he sketched me a portrait of Destro... That was epic. Meeting Mr. Arthur Burghardt the actor who voiced Destro in the cartoon and him telling me he loves what I do!

Advice for new cosplayers:

Pick a character movie, cartoon, anime ect that you are passionate about not something that is popular and start small, work within your budget and skill level and over time NEVER STOP improving the cosplay, and most importantly Have Fun!

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