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What's your favorite cosplay?

I love cosplaying Rey because she's such a strong female character. I also love seeing little kids faces light up when they see me because it melts my heart that the younger generation has strong characters ( especially from Star Wars) to look up to.

How long have you been cosplaying for?

Depending on my hectic schedule I make some and put together others. My goal for 2019 is to really put my sewing machine to good use and make Once Upon a December Anastasia.

Do you commission or make your cosplays?

I'm honestly learning as I go. For whatever your making, I recommend finding a solid base pattern that you know pretty well, and can modify it however you need, to suit the needs of you, or your customers!

Favorite thing about Cosplay?

I love the community! Growing up in a small town I never felt like I fit in, but the people in the cosplay community welcome everyone in in, even if the fandoms don't match up!

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Advice For New Cosplayers?

Be kind to yourself! Your cosplays don't have to be 100% screen accurate for you to be proud of it. The people who made the actors costumes have years of experience and billions in the budget. Have fun creating and wearing it because that's the most important.

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