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Meet Swirlin Kirin Cosplay!

Name/Handle: Swirlin.kirin.cos or the.artsy.sparkle

Location: Tennessee,USA

Favorite cosplay and why: My She-ra cosplay is my favorite! It's the first cosplay I've sewn and made foam armor for. It was definitely a challenging experience but in a good way so I could learn new skills and step out of my comfort zone. It's very special and close to my heart because my Gram came up from Virginia to teach me to sew and help me make it! I also love my Dolls Kills X Demonia platform boots I get to wear!

How long have you been cosplaying? This year marks the 5th year I've been cosplaying. I started at age 13. My first cosplay was a humanized version of Princess Luna from My Little Pony.

Do you create your own or have it commissioned: She-ra is the only cosplay I've made myself. Normally I sketch out what I want and buy pieces online to combine into a costume. Amazon is really good for finding exactly what I have in mind.

Favorite thing about Cosplaying: Making people smile and especially little kids, and meeting others who share the same passions as I do! When I'm cosplaying as She-ra I feel like a Disney princess when kids run up to me so excited to see She-ra and that's what makes it worth it!

Next Convention: Yama Con

Favorite Experiences Cosplaying: This little girl hiding behind her grandmother but really wanted to get a picture and talk to me and with a little coaxing from her grandmother she came over to take a picture with me. I'm 6'2'' when I wear the platform boots and she looked to be about 3 or 4 so when I knelt down to her height she copied me and that just melted my heart. I almost cried that was my first time debuting she-ra and to have such a positive experience to remember that by makes me so happy. I'm so glad I got to be a strong princess role model for her!

Advice for new cosplayers:

Start simple and don't overwhelm yourself. Choose a character YOU like make sure you're doing it for yourself. Most importantly have fun, that's what it's all about!

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